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Unique Wholesale Jewelry

Find unique wholesale fashion jewelry, wholesale gold jewelry from jewelry manufacturers, sterling silver wholesale jewelry suppliers, bulk jewelry and designers from all over the world. On Strade.global you will find jewelry sold by jewelry manufacturers, jewelry distributors, jewelry designers. Finding these suppliers are easy on the Strade.global wholesale marketplace, and buying from these suppliers are even easier.

On the Strade.global B2B marketplace, you will find the following type of jewelry:

  • custom made jewelry
  • silver jewelry
  • gold jewelry
  • fashion jewelry
  • costume jewelry
  • bulk jewelry

…and many other type of products from many other countries in several wholesale product categories.

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Looking for Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers?

Buy jewelry from jewelry suppliers and jewelry manufacturers. Find fashion jewellery wholesale and buy them in smaller or large quantities for bulk discounts. Many jewelry manufacturers offer private label service or offer custom manufacturing per buyer’s designs. Several wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers offer free shipping with any size orders. Buy jewelry in bulk from vendors on Strade.global and resell them wholesale or sell them retail or start your own brand. Your choice.

Bulk Jewelry on Our Wholesale Marketplace

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

If you are looking for sterling silver jewelry, you came to the right place. Silver jewelry is easy to sell, because they appeal to most of the public due to it’s reasonable price, yet higher end image.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry

Buy gold jewelry in bulk on the Strade.global B2B marketplace. Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you to purchase these jewelry at the best prices possible.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is something you can sell anywhere at any time. Buying fashion jewelry at wholesale prices allows you to have the highest margins with the lowest expense, especially if you buy these products directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is low cost, and a market that is easy to get into. Find and compare jewelry manufacturers on our global wholesale marketplace and buy these products conveniently online.

Bulk Jewelry

Most jewelry manufacturers and suppliers on the Strade.global wholesale marketplace allow you to purchase in small or large quantities. The more you buy, the more you save and the more you make when you resell these jewelry. Any time you are able to, buy in bulk for the largest savings.

As a buyer you will be able to find products made in the USA, Italy, India and other parts of the world. Due to the fact the wholesale marketplace features manufacturers from all over the world, you will find unique styles and designs for your business any time.

Are You a Jewelry Manufacturer?

Sell your bulk jewelry from stock or make wholesale custom jewelry after buyer’s designs. Sell them with low or high minimum order requirements, and offer quantity discounts. Strade.global offers you the wholesale selling platform where setting up your store to sell your wholesale jewellery is super easy.

Wholesale Jewellery directly from Jewellery Manufacturers

Strade.global offers fashion jewelry by jewelry suppliers and manufacturers. You will find small ma and pa manufacturers, large distributors, suppliers offering private label manufacturing options. Register now to find unique products from around the world.

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Wholesale Silver Jewelry and Fine Jewelry

Find sterling silver jewelry, gold jewelry and artisan jewelry on the Strade.global global B2B marketplace from manufacturers around the world. Buy jewelry in smaller quantities or in bulk with quantity discounts offered by the suppliers.

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wholesale sterling silver jewelry
wholesale beaded jewelry
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