A global wholesale online marketplace simplifying and streamlining the entire wholesale trade.

Unique Products

Browse and shop for wholesale products (ready ship, private label or custom manufactured) from manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from around the world

Cashback Rewards

Get 1% cashback rewards after each purchase. Use these rewards for any purchase on the Strade global wholesale marketplace.

Safe Online Payments

Safe escrow-like payments. Credit & debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets are all accepted. No payment transfer fees for buyers and low FX fees for suppliers.

Global Shipping

Shipping to anywhere in the world. Free shipping offered by many vendors on the wholesale marketplace. Shipping insurance available.

Custom Orders

Private label and custom manufacturing is available by most manufacturers. Request a quote and manage all your quotes in your dashboard.


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The mission of Strade.global is not only to connect wholesale buyers and wholesale sellers, but to facilitate the entire wholesale trade from start to finish and to give all manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to opportunity to expand their sales globally.

Strade.global gives the opportunity to wholesale buyers to find unique products from
all over the world and to purchase these wholesale products conveniently online in a
uniquely safe trading environment.


Find private label products or order custom-made products
from manufacturers located in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Australia.
Buy in small or large quantities.


Global wholesale trade shouldn't be complicated.
We simplified it for you.

Whether you want to expand your manufacturing service globally
or looking for unique products for your retail customers,
or if you are looking to buy raw materials AND sell your final product to wholesale customers, ... you are at the right place.
You can now buy and sell as simply as 1, 2, 3.


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Become a Buyer

Find vendors from all over the world without attending trade shows.
Check out offers and OEM options. Request quotes, buy private label products.
Pay conveniently online. Safe, escrow-like payments.

Become a Seller

Join the marketplace and let buyers purchase your products online.
Increase your customer base and number of sales.
Let Strade do the customer acquisition for you!

Buy Now Pay Later

Strade’s goal is to make the wholesale buying process as easy for wholesale buyers and sellers as possible. Financing wholesale purchases can be tricky sometimes, because either the buyers’ or the suppliers’ funds are tied up in purchasing the goods for weeks or months before the goods are sold and both parties are paid back the invested amount.


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