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Sell Globally

Sell wholesale to buyers globally, no matter where they are.
Buyers are able to place orders in your wholesale store 24x7.
Sell products that are ready to ship or made-to-order.

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Worldwide Shipping

Ship conveniently from your dashboard with a click of a button.
Compare shipping rates and select your shipment provider.
Offer insurance and shipment tracking to buyers.

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Accept Payments Online

Buyers pay online for all their purchases from your store.
Buyers can pay via card, any Ewallet or debit/credit card.
Your payments are deposited into your bank account or Ewallet.

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Vendor Dashboard

View your sales reports, check your inventory levels.
Fulfill orders, offer one-time or tier discounts to buyers.
Offer private label or OEM manufacturing.

How It Works

It's easy to sell on


Register and Set Up Your Store

Register your company and set up your product catalog.
Upload your products yourself or let us add your products for you.
We are here to assist in setting up your store when you need us.


Receive Orders and Sell Your Products

Add your logo, banner, company info or we can do it for you.
Offer special discounts, coupons to selected customers only.
Respond to buyer's quote requests and turn it into an order.


Package and Ship with Ease

View orders in your dashboard and decide which orders to ship.
Print your packing slip with a click of a button and choose your
preferred shipping option, whether be it air, truck or boat.


Get Paid and Grow Your Business

Buyers can purchase wholesale products from your store via
hundreds of payment methods. Payments will be deposited into
your chosen bank account. Keep selling and grow your business!

Reach Retailers Globally & Grow Your Company

Buyers on include small & large wholesale distributors, importers, exporters, trading companies, retail stores with one & multiple locations, online website & retail marketplace vendors.
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Unsure How to Set Up Your Store?

No Worries. We Will Create Your Store For You.
Just send us your images and product catalog and we will set up your store for you.
You set your discount and shipping terms and we will set up your store based on your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can I sell on Strade?

Our marketplace is currently set up for the following categories: Apparel, jewelry, watches, footwear, handbags & wallets, fashion accessories, health & beauty, gifts, arts, home decorations, kitchen and garden products, textile, leather and fur, jewelry supplies and the raw materials needed for these products. New categories are added on a regular basis.

How long will it take to get the store set up?

It depends on you. Setting up the store's profile is done in a few minutes if you have a logo and a banner ready. We can also help you if needed. The most time consuming project is to add your products. Depending on the number of products, it can be very quick or may take a bit of time to create a product feed in an excel sheet, which we will be more than happy to assist with. Using a product feed, hundreds or thousands of products can be uploaded very quickly.

Do you charge a currency conversion fee?

While most banks charge between 3-11% in currency conversion fees, we are able to offer a 2% currency conversion to all our wholesale sellers as long as payment is deposited into the seller's bank account. If you request payment via PayPal, we deduct the fees that PayPal charges us for sending payment. PayPal will also charge you a currency conversion fee, which is usually between 3-7%.

What languages can I get help in?

Via email we are able to offer assistance in any language. Via phone we can currently offer assistance in English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and other Indian dialects.

Can I sell made-to-order products?

You can sell any products that fit into our main product categories. You can offer products that are ready to ship, or made-to-order products, private label and white label products, OEM products.

If I need help, how can I contact you?

You will be able to contact us via phone, text, email or chat.

Who ships out the products?

You package and ship your products. We have negotiated low shipping rates with the largest shipping providers. You can either use our pre-negotiated rates and print your shipping labels from your dashboard or you can use your own shipping providers and your own rates. It's your choice.

Can I select which countries I want to sell to and ship to?

Yes. You choose if you want to go truly global or only sell in selected countries.

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