Buy Now Pay Later

Strade’s goal is to make the process of wholesale buying and selling easy for users on our platform. We understand that financing wholesale purchases can be tricky sometimes. Wholesale buyers can stock up during sale seasons and may face a shortage of funds when they want to add new and trending products to their stores. The fact that it takes wholesale buyers time to sell existing goods to make money before stocking up more items makes them miss out on good opportunities and exciting deals.

At Strade we are constantly working to solve this problem for our users. Our registered wholesale buyers enjoy various payment options. Depending on the country the buyer is from and their verification status on Strade, they can avail of different payment options including Buy Now, Pay Later payments provided by third-party companies.

Here is the list of different payment options available for registered buyers on Strade.

  • Bank payments are available for all US, European and some Asian buyers
  • Credit card and debit card payments are available for all trusted verified buyers
  • Third party eWallet payments are available for buyers based on their country of residence
  • Buy Now, Pay Later payments are available in some countries through third-party creditors

Buy Now, Pay Later schemes are extremely beneficial to wholesale buyers because they can quickly purchase goods in bulk quantities without worrying about immediate payments. Transaction limits for Buy Now, Pay Later schemes are different depending on the country of the buyer. Wholesale buyers can see “Buy Now, Pay Later” as a payment option during checkout. One of the biggest benefits of the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme is that it does not affect the credit rating of the wholesale buyer.

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