Selling Wholesale by Partnering with Us

Fashion, gift and home accessories manufacturers now have the option to partner with to introduce and sell their products around the world.

When manufacturers partner with, they outsource their marketing and product distribution to the company, so they can better focus on what they know best: design and manufacturing. will not only act as a manufacturer’s representative but will also create an catalog of the supplier’s products and add these products¬†to its online marketplace and market it to its wholesale buyers worldwide.

Manufacturers and designers also have the option to ship their product samples for photographing. This service will assist suppliers in creating high quality images for the marketplace.

Everyone knows the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. While believes that quality images are essential in online sales conversion, the company also strives to not only create pretty images, but also to only offer quality products. Because of the high quality requirement by, the company is very selective about who they will partner up with.

Their requirements for B2B partnership are simple:

  • Quality products
  • Quality images (provided by supplier or taken by
  • Superior customer service

Manufacturers and designers interested in partnering with should contact the company directly.

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