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If you are a wholesale supplier that would be more interested in managing your B2B store on the marketplace, and prefer focusing your efforts on your product manufacturing and/or distribution instead, it is also an option for qualified suppliers. as Your Agent will become your non-exclusive agent in generating orders and building up your customer base.

We will take care of uploading your product catalog, managing online prices, maintaining communication with customers. You will receive orders from us, which you mail out to your customers.

If you are interested in the managed store option, please register as a wholesale vendor first and email us with your request.

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Can you be my agent if I provide OEM or Private Label products? currently does not take clients who want to offer OEM and private label. Offering those options would require the vendor to communicate with the buyer and negotiate prices and options. We believe that is best done by the supplier.

What is required from a vendor to be accepted in this program?

Vendors need to offer competitive pricing, quality images and have been in business for at least 3 years. Vendors must be able to provide us with a wholesale catalog, or a list of product in an excel sheet. Vendors must ship out products in a timely manner. Vendor must be reachable by email and phone. Must be able to communicate with us in English and respond to our emails and calls in 24 hours, weekends and holidays excluded.

Are all vendors accepted?

Unfortunately, not all vendors are accepted into this program. We verify all vendors and will check your product catalog and make a decision based on the competitiveness of your products.

How long does it take to get set up?

How long it takes to get set up mainly depends on how fast a vendor can provide us with their catalog, product images, descriptions and pricing. Once we have all that information, the vendor's store should be ready in less than a week.

What is the cost for the managed store? charges a 15% commission on managed stores. This 15% commission covers the currency conversion fees, which most banks charge 3-7% for.

How do vendors get paid? deposits order payments into the vendor's bank account.

Our company has a unique wholesaler program. Can you work with us?

We can work with most company's wholesaler programs. Send us an email to inquire.

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