Selling Private Label Services as a Supplier

There are many companies who are looking for products that they can sell under their own brand. Even boutiques and smaller stores like selling their own branded products if that option offered by the supplier. However, there are companies who prefer selling other brands’ high quality products only. If you want to tap into both markets, and you are able to add the buyer’s brand label to the products, we recommend you to offer the private label option.

Should I Charge for Private Labeling?

Some vendors offer free stitching of the label to the product during manufacturing if the buyer ships the labels to them. Others offer 100% service on the labeling. They charge a fee for it, either a flat fee of for example $100, or a per item fee, like an extra $0.20-$0.30/each. There are also manufacturers who offer free private labeling.

Offering private label and by acting as a manufacturer only, your buyer pool will increase.

How Do I Acquire Private Label Buyers?

If you want to offer private label services the following is a must in order to acquire top private label buyers:

  • High quality images
  • High quality products
  • Detailed product description
  • Warranty and good customer service

Private label buyers will want the best quality products for their brand because they are risking their brand’s good name. They will want to know exactly what they are buying, which means you need very good photos of the products so buyers can zoom in and look at the products up close. They will also want to know the materials listed in detail, since they are marketing it under their own brand.

Setting Your Company Apart From Competition

Keep in mind that if there are several vendors offering the same type of products, you need to set yourself apart from your competition. It may take offering 100% hands-free service for the buyer, so they do not need to mail their labels to you. Buyers will most likely go with the supplier that offers better quality and good service, not necessarily the cheapest product.

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